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South West Wood Products

South West Wood Products’ Ltd is one of the largest and most successful processors of waste wood in the South West and South Wales. We source and supply fuels to biomass plants and board mills under long-term contracts. Formed in 2011 and operating originally in Meare, close to Glastonbury in Somerset, we have secured long and short-term supply contracts for up to 500,000 tons of reclaimed wood to large wood-based panel manufacturers and carbon neutral power stations. Replicating the success of our Glastonbury processing facility we have established a further 5 operating facilities throughout South Wales and Devon. We are working closely with many local authorities and waste management companies to maintain our position of the leader in the South West within our field of expertise.

We pride ourselves on being able to:

    • Facilitate all grades of non-hazardous wood

    • Offer long term security off the back of our Board Mill & Biomass Fuel Supply Contracts

    • Provide an efficient service with the delivery of timely and efficient collections and swift vehicle turnarounds on sites enabling suppliers and customers to proceed with their operations with minimal disruption

As part of our mobilisation plan, we focus on regular and efficient communication with our customers which in turn enables them to receive the best possible service. Through our extensive network of supply-contracts and agreements, we have great diversity and subsequently the ability to guarantee security of off-take which is critical to our customers.

We pride ourselves in being responsive to customers’ needs and have thus seen an unprecedented growth in our business.

Our Site Locations:

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